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Please email your comments or concerns about the Eastern Kings Wind Energy proposal to easternkingspe@gmail.com

Our twitter name is EasternKingsPei

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From the Archive

Energy Minister Wes Sheridan says the new planned wind farm should generate $2 million in annual revenue. (Province of P.E.I.)

The Prince Edward Island Energy Corporation is planning to buy up to 15 new wind turbines, but a location for the turbines still hasn't been decided.

The new turbines for the Crown corporation part of the Island's plans to increase wind energy will be enough to produce 30 more megawatts of energy the same amount already produced at the publicly-owned farm in Eastern Kings. The location is still a matter for discussion.

"We've promised that there will be full consultation," Energy Minister Wes Sheridan told CBC News.

"There's two or three locations that are in the running with very much the same wind capacity and the consultations will be taking place early in the new year,"

Sheridan said the new wind farm will cost between $60-$70 million, and he expects it will turn a $2-million annual profit for taxpayers.

Maritime Electric has agreed to buy every megawatt of energy the new wind farm produces. The new turbines are due for delivery in about six months. By the time the new wind farm is up and running, the province expects more than 30 per cent of its energy will come from wind.

The wind farm is part of a much larger plan announced a few years ago. It would have seen 130 megawatts of new development, with 100 megawatts earmarked for export.

Last year, the export portion of the plan was axed due to poor market conditions.

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